What is ACP Credit?

Gila Kereta

Asian Company Profiles Ltd (ACP) is a subsidiary of the FBR Group of companies, market leaders in providing Asian corporate information and support to international businesses operating in Asia.

ACP owns and operates one of the largest privately owned databases (known as AsianCIS ) and with an excess of 1.3 terabytes of information on companies and business executives throughout Asia/Pacific. AsianCIS is supported by a fully integrated network of data collection centers in 19 Asian/Pacific countries and up-dated at the rate of 3.5 million data fields every month.

AsianCIS forms the foundation for supplying customers worldwide with the following information products:

  • Corporate Credit Reporting on Asian companies.
  • Identification and qualification of potential customers in Asia.
  • Industry ratings and ranking of companies in each Asian country.
  • Enhancing and expanding customized mini-databases for clients' in-house/intranet application.
  • B2B portal content licensing.

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