• How does Fuel Saver works?
    When fuel flows through the Fuel Saver , it magnetizes fuel molecules and puts the molecules temporarily into cationic state. Fuel burning in this state is far more efficient and reduces carbon monoxide emission.
  • Does it really work?
    Yes! All the cars we have tested show significant fuel economy improvements. On top of that, we also receive many living proofs from our customers on how effective Fuel Saver has been in saving them plenty of money. We are very confident that you will also benefit from this little magical wonder. For that, we are offering the product risk-free to you . Read more about our Money Back Guarantee.
  • Will it void my car warranty?
    Not at all as it does not require any mechanical, chemical nor electrical modifications or cuttings.
  • Can Fuel Saver be installed on metal fuel pipeline?
    Yes, the Fuel Saver can be installed on a rubber, metal, or metal braided fuel line. The performance does not vary from one type of fuel line to another.
  • How soon can I see the performance improvement?
    Immediately on your first full tank. And the improvement increases even more after a "driving-in" period (typically between 500km - 2,000km).
  • Will it work on carburetor or fuel injection vehicles?
    Works for both.
  • Will it work for diesel, petrol, LPG or CNG?
    Works for all. This is because the technology fundamentally works on all liquid or gases forms.
  • How can I install it by myself?
    Locate the petrol filter and fasten Fuel Saver on the petrol pipeline coming out of the fuel tank or fuel filter. Place it as close as possible to the carburetor or fuel injection rail.
  • Will it work on old or new cars?

    Works for both.

    Older cars would see greater fuel efficiency increased after sometime (after 2500KM), this is because rust and dirt may have deposited, after 2500KM, the Fuel Saver will clean the rust and dirt.

    New cars will enjoy continuous optimum fuel economy and have the engine and catalytic converters cleaned and protected.

  • I have seen other Magnetic Fuel Saver, how is Fuel Saver different from them?

    Our Fuel Saver is made of advance-precision-doped technology that produces high quality, high intensity and extremely directional magnetic flux to instantaneously:

    • break down the complex fuel molecules
    • rearrange the entangled fuel molecules
    • ionize the molecules into cationic polarity
    • Inhibit molecules from clustering

    Our Fuel Saver design is special as it delivers a better shielding for the magnetic field and echoes maximum magnetic effect towards the fuel line where it is needed. Other magnetic fuel savers mainly failed due to some reasons such as fuel line had to be cut in some cases; No real savings on diesel or gasoline fuel; Different models for different engine sizes & etc.

  • Why are you selling at such cheap price?

    With the high fuel price, we believe with our best quality product and affordable price, it will benefit everybody. Lots of people thinks that, low price low quality, that is not true, to prove it to our customers, we are giving life time warranty for our product whereas others are only giving few years warranty.

    Other fuel savers are selling above RM150 or RM200++, we do not want to sell at higher price which the lower income group cannot afford to own it. We also do not make higher profit for our product but we want to sell more units. We give the best quality for the product and trying to cut some cost from the packaging box, advertisement etc. Whereas others trying to give you beautiful and quality packaging box, spend a lot of advertisement and sell you at higher price. Which want would you prefer?

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