How It Works

Fuel combustion is NEVER complete for all vehicles. That's why we can smell petrol and see black smoke from our exhaust pipes. All good money gone to waste. Now's your chance to solve this problem once and for all. Introducing Fuel Saver, it is made of advance-precision-doped technology that produces high quality, high intensity and extremely directional magnetic flux to instantanously:

  • break down the complex fuel molecules
  • rearrange the entangled fuel molecules
  • ionize the molecules into cationic polarity
  • Inhibit molecules from clustering

The end result is a more efficient & complete combustion, saving fuel up to 20% consistently.

Principle of fuel saving
When fuel flows through the Fuel Saver, it magnetizes fuel molecules and puts the molecules temporarily into cationic state. Fuel burning in this state is far more efficient and reduces carbon monoxide emission.

Fuel Saver - How It Works

Fuel Saver will improve your fuel mileage by an average of 15% and can go up to 20%. The unit will boost up your engine's performance and lowers carbon build up to prolong engine life.

Works with all vehicles, any make, model and year and of course all fuel types (Petrol, Diesel, LPG or CNG)!

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