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Hypertune car magazine - February 2006 Edition (Volume 52) Hypertune car magazine - February 2006 Edition (Volume 52)

Malaysians love to drive cars. We find all sorts of reasons for the chance to be behind the wheel be it for a leisure weekend rendezvous in and out of the city or getting to a secluded fishing spot in the middle of no-where or drive the entire family to far away places small wonder that we have as many as 1 active vehicle for every 2 Malaysians.

However, this addiction to freedom is becoming dearer in recent times. The escalating global fuel price throughout last year has undoubtedly left big holes in our pockets. And to rub salt to the wound, our Government has hinted that the fuel subsidy will eventually have go away in not too far a distance, paving way to an even higher fuel price.

Hence, when MLM Vision Enterprise, Mr Teoh Beng Wang presented their Fuel Saver with total satisfaction guaranteed, we jumped at the first opportunity to test it out. Let's face it, there are a number of fuel saving devices in the market today. Many frustratingly could not live up to what they claimed to be, only few could. However, these few that could actually save fuel cost hundreds of Ringgit. The Fuel Saver (and that's a brand name!) on the other hand, is currently being sold at a promotional price of only RM88 per set.

Fuel Saver comes in a pair of advanced-precision-doped magnets that produces high quality, high intensity and extremely directional magnetic flux the vital and necessary properties to save fuel. But let's talk about my test result first, the working theory can come later.

It took me just 3 minutes to clamp the magnets together and I was ready to test it out! But I have to admit to find the right fuel pipe to clamp Fuel Saver was a challenge. Nevertheless, a trip down to my friendly-neighourhood mechanic solved the problem immediately, and at no extra cost! Thanks Keong!

Now the rubber hits the road. On my first test, I use my regular travel route from Kajang to PJ. I must admit, the immediate sensation I felt from my fuel guzzling Toyota Unser was a smoother power delivery. The difference is truly pronounced. This experience of getting back the extra power was, in my humble opinion, already worth the RM99!

So after 1 week of testing, what did I get? Before Fuel Saver installation, I was doing 18 sen per kilometer. With Fuel Saver, the fuel economy improved to 15.8 sen a kilometer. That's an amazing 12.2% savings. As a matter of fact, I was able to achieve this savings consistently in the last 2 full tank. In an ordinary month, I travel about 3000 kms. If I can consistently achieve 12.2% savings, that translates to an extra RM66 cash into my pocket each month! In a year, that would mean a free trip to Penang with my family for 3 full days! I'm excited already at the possibilities!

So, what is the magic behind Fuel Saver? According to MLM Vision Enterprise, fuel burning inside the engine is never complete. That's why we can smell petrol coming out from our exhaust pipe. This means petrol is wasted and pollutes the air we breathe in. Combustion is never complete due to non-optimized fuel structure when it flows into the engine. Fuel Saver optimizes this petrol chemical structure to achieve a more complete combustion, thus giving more mileage and power. What it does is to break down the complex and entangled structure for easier burning. It also ionizes the petrol molecules to become cationic so that they become highly reactive to react with air to achieve complete combustion.

The magnets are specially made from USA to withstand high temperature and would not lose its strength significantly over time. It also does not adversely affect the electronics in the vehicle when installed correctly.

I'll be conducting more tests to statistically prove beyond the shadow of the doubts that Fuel Saver can live up to their own savings goals. So, look for this column in 2 months' time.

This Fuel Saver does look like a good bargain for money-conscious people. At RM99 per set. For more information, please contact MLM Vision Enterprise at 019-4575955 or visit

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