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A Hope amidst Fuel Price Increase....
Hypertune car magazine - February 2006 Edition (Volume 52) Hypertune car magazine - February 2006 Edition (Volume 52)

The 30 sen increase for every liter of petrol really shocked the nation. Not because it was announced so suddenly, but more so of the unprecedented 18.5% steep raise. Naturally, this has caused widespread pain across the nation.

The repercussion was just as immediate. A quick survey among friends indicated all of them would be giving their ritual twice-a-year Penang trip a miss this year and settle for nearer destinations like Malacca and Port Dickson. Some even have decided to scale down the number of family outings from 4 to 2 each month. It is sad such petrol price increase have fundamentally changed people's mobility.

For me, the pinch is just as bad. Today, every visit to the petrol station would cost me no lesser than RM100 on my Unser. Put it in a year's perspective, I am expecting to spend around RM5,500 of petrol in the next 12 months!

Fortunately, there is Hope. The Fuel Saver that I have been testing for the last 2 months has proven itself to be a reliable life saver! Since the last article I wrote about this Fuel Saver (February Edition), I have been able to achieve a consistent average of 12.83% improvement in fuel economy. Although the percentage of savings is lesser than the fuel price increase, it sure brings a little consolation to the situation.

What's more, the additional power obtained through Fuel Saver gave me a delightfully smoother ride a feeling that one can easily experience almost immediately after installation.

The Fuel Saver comes in a pair of advanced-precision-doped magnets that produces high quality, high intensity and extremely directional magnetic flux the vital and necessary properties to save fuel. It is made in USA and has special properties to withstand the high engine temperatures.

At a promotional price of only RM99 per set, it is definitely a bargain for every car owner. And did I mention the Fuel Saver also comes with a lifetime warranty? For more information, contact Mr Teoh at 019-4575955 or visit

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