Johnson Lam, Penang State Touge Champion 2005

Johnson Lam Johnson Lam

I own a 1983 Nissan Sunny 130Y. It is a reliable and fuel economical car. Not until you start to mess with the engine. I modify and races my Sunny. Since 3 years ago, the car have gone through lots of modifications and race events.

Fuel Consumption is miraculously better after the installation. My Sunny used to be able to run an average of 400km for each full tank. Now with Fuel Saver and my harsh driving, the car can run up to 470km on a single refill of petrol. This is almost a 20% increment in mileage!

Thanks to Fuel Saver, my car manage to retain the fuel economy and maintain the performance I need on top of giving me the extra power to the car. With the Fuel Saver, I felt the engine runs smoother and leaner, helping me a lot in my races as every acceleration round the corner is critical. A slight jerk in the engine will send the car out of the track. The carburetor and the spark plugs of the car is also noticeably cleaner, saving me the extra cost of cleaning and changing them.

Another great point about the Fuel Saver that will come in handy for me is that I can easily transfer it to my new race car. Just a simple DIY trick and it can be installed in my new car.

Have I gained from the Fuel Saver? From all the Fuel Savings and Winnings I get from my Nissan Sunny... Absolutely !!

Johnson Lam, Penang State Touge Champion 2005.
Champion - Penang Touge Battle Specialist Races
2nd Runner Up - Proton Street Shootout 1
1st Runner Up - R3 Street Shootout 2 (Old School)
1st Runner Up - Asian Motorsports Festival Autokhana Penang
Top 10 - Asian Motorsports Festival Autokhana (Represent Malaysia)

Toyota AE92 Trueno Supercharger Fuel Saver Review

Trueno Supercharger Fuel Saver

I first heard about Fuel Saver from my friend. He told me about all the benefits it would give me and my car. So I thought to myself, what do I have to lose? Why don't I give the product a try? I told my friend I'd give Fuel Saver a try. I got the product the very next day and proceeded to install Fuel Saver in my car. It was a fairly simple process. I just had to identify where my fuel line was. Strap on the Fuel Saver and tighten it with the cable ties that came with it. Instructions were simple and voila, the Fuel Saver was in my Toyota Trueno AE92 Supercharger.

After I installed it on my car, I proceeded to take my car for a little spin. I felt a slight improvement in my throttle response and a very marginal smoothness in the engine revs. After 2 days, I noticed my car wasn't improving much so I took my car to my mechanic to verify if I had installed the Fuel Saver on the correct fuel line and it seemed I had first clamped it on the return line. After transferring it to the correct fuel line, I tested the car again. This time I felt more smoothness and response from the car. I was very happy with it. The car was driving and revving more freely and the startup and engine idle was much more stable.

Anyhow, fuel consumption has decreased for me. I used to be getting 8 - 9km per liter. After using fuel saver, I noticed I have been getting at least 11km per liter. It is quite good considering I drive my car hard at times and tend to drive in excess of 140km/h. Benefits are starting to show since I installed Fuel Saver in my car and I would recommend the product to all my friends and their friends.

Lai U-Jin

Idea of fuel saver ...

I was never a believer and actually hated the idea of these fuel saver/ air charger/ cyclone gizmos. Being a performance car enthusiast, I stuck to what I had learnt from books, engineers, experience etc. So with all the hype and claims that these products can gain huge amounts of Torque, HP and fuel saving benefits, it left a lot to be desired. Making HP can be a very arduous task and some spend lots to gain very little. I'm going down the same road as well.

After reading from a website about Fuel Saver's benefits and considering a few other brands in the market, I decided, and against everything I had believed in to just give it a shot. I was asking myself, what have I got to lose? At the most, some cash and gaining a lesson well learnt. I contacted Teoh for Fuel Saver, who then proceeded to send the product over to my doorstep the following day. Fast and efficient service. I spent the next 5 minutes looking at it, looking at the box and then proceeded to install it in my Honda Prelude 2.2 DOHC VTEC. Installation took me 3 minutes. It's a very simple process. All you have to do is to identify the fuel line that leads INTO the fuel injectors.

I started my car and drove off. Initially I felt only a slight improvement in the throttle response and very marginal smoothness in the engine revs. However, the most noticeable thing about it was the revs, it goes up and down very very smoothly. I then proceeded to pump in about 15 Liters of petrol as I was going outstation. As I drove on, the Prelude started to respond better. Light throttle feel, very smooth revving, good pick up and fantastic mid-range power to the high end, the engine was very free revving. I was quite surprised, as the Fuel Saver actually worked on my car! It did everything it claimed to do. Now, do not expect a surge or rush in power, like a high HP performance car after fitting it, but you can definitely feel some significant difference, if you maintain and monitor your driving style. I called Teoh and was quite hysterical about the improvements made to my car. Somehow, I noticed my VTEC opened about a second or two longer.

Anyhow, fuel consumption was monitored and I'm very glad to say that for now, it has improved by quite a bit. Normally 15 liters would take me about 155 – 165 Km's. About 10.5 – 11.5 Km's/ Liter. Now, I've traveled around 190 Km's in total right after installing Fuel Saver and it uses the same amount of 15 liters of fuel. So, in fact, my fuel consumption has improved to 12.3 – 12.5 Km's/ Liter. Its very good considering the fact that I was driving my Prelude at speeds in excess of 160 KM/H on the average. That's a very good saving, and the benefits are starting to pay off from the moment I got it. I will continue to monitor my FC to check for consistency and bring Fuel Saver for the ultimate test. The Dyno Test, and it shall reveal to us the HP and Torque gains (if any) on my Prelude. Of course, the experience I'm having in my car will vary to another car, so just take it as a guide to understand Fuel Saver's benefits.

Eric Poon

Fuel Saver has impressed me

Hello from Turkey. We have had many fuel savers here. Non of them looked like it would do any good. Small and simple products, what can you expect from them? This unit has impressed me with its unique design and heavy weight. I thought a product this much sophisticated must have had a lot of work behind it until it came to this shelf.

So I gave it a try. I drive a 2004 Renault Megane II 1.5 CRDI. I am a violent driver. My car is very swift and powerful as I gave it a good break in of the engine.

I was making 5.5lt/100kms before the product installation. My car has a computer system so I see what is going on all the time. With this product I am doing 5.0lt/100kms! On a state of the art common rail diesel engine!

I just wanted to drop a note to thank you guys and congratulations!

Best regards,

Almost 20% saving from my merc

The test are going on very very good I should say! I am currently getting almost 20% saving from my merc!!! Attached is the pic. It's a Mercedes 300CE '92 model. I can feel the power even though mine is a 3000cc engine carb.

My agents are very happy and they have even asked more for their other cars.

Well, I hope we could get it moving the soonest possible.


I could save more money with Fuel Saver

I have modified my car to be super efficient in fuel economy through larger air intake and applying multiple ionizing filters. And I am very happy with the 11 cents per km performance until I installed FUEL SAVER. That's when I realized that I could save more money!!! Today, I can consistently do 10 cents per km on city drive. I definitely recommend FUEL SAVER to everyone.

Jonathan Chew, Penang

I can felt was the engine runs smoother than before

For fuel saver, still under monitoring as I'm just installed it into my car (is a new Proton Saga 1.3MT just bought 3 weeks ago) with a full tank refilled. One thing I can felt was the engine runs smoother than before.

Mr. Soo, Penang

13.75% of saving!

The normal full tank for my Kenari can run 400kms but after installing Fuel Saver I could get 455 kms. That's is equal to 13.75% saving, fantastic!!!

John, Johor

This device can save fuel

Petrol already increased from RM1.92 to RM2.70. You can still save money about 15%. I got a friend who introduce this device that can save money. It is cheap and affordable. Just RM99 only. You may heard of it before. Can this device really save money?? Well, I did. I fixed this device in year 2005 while I was working in Dell. My ex-Waja 1.6cc consumed RM0.15 per km. where I got a friend saying that his wira 1.5cc consumed RM0.20 per km. I did my homework by recording my each filling of petrol for about 5 months. And averaged out that my ex-Waja consumed RM0.15 per km.

This device can save fuel. In few months time with the fuel saved, this device already free and is still goes on saving petrol. Don't be afraid to try. It really worth the money spend. It is simple and quick to fix. If you change car you can dismantle and fix onto your new car.

Charlie Ooi

Fuel Saver gives a great improvement on my car performance and FC reduction

I would like to say thanks to Fuel Saver that given a great improvement on my car performance and FC reduction. Last year once i get my new car in June'07, i have installed the fuel power booster that has improved my car performance as well as FC consumption that allow my car to do RM0.20 per KM.

3 weeks ago, Mr. Soo has introduced fuel saver to me and explained in details on the ROI of this product. Initially, i was doubt about this and just give a try on it. Mr. Soo has shown to me the instant ROI after the fuel saver installation in my car.

This is amazing that the car engine was operated much smoother and quite. Now my car was able to achieved RM0.17+ per KM and this is about 10~15% cost reduction in RM. I would definitely will introduce fuel saver to my friend and colleague about this. Thanks!

Mr. Tong from BM,PG - owned Y2007 Proton Iswara 1.3MT

The feeling is good—smoother and quite

The feeling is good—smoother and quite. I'm very enjoy to drive my car now! Early morning, no problem to have a quick start of my car engine. Still in progress to calculate the FC data.

Mr. Chin from Sg Dua, PG - Owned Y2002 Proton Wira 1.5MT

Really fantastic

I would say this is really fantastic that the fuel saver has given an enhancement to my 2.5 yrs old car which is still consider a new car.

Thanks to fuel saver has helped to save my money on the fuel cost. My car now able to hit RM0.19/KM in city drive condition compared to previous FC data was at RM0.21/KM.

Mr. Moy from Kuala Kangsar, Perak - Owned Y2005 MyVi 1.3MT

I'm very impressed with the ROI

I'm very impressed with the ROI i got with fuel saver. Normally, i will refill petrol with RM50.00 and it only can gives 180KM for the total distance i can travel. After fuel saver installed, with RM50.00 refill i can hit 205KM easily. This is about 14% improvement and i can felt that my car engine is much smoother. I have done several things of refill with the same amount of RM50.00 and the result is consistence stay at the range of 200~210KM. Thanks to Mr. Soo has introduced a good product to me!

Mr. Chai from Taiping, Perak - Used Y2006 Nissan Sentra 1.6AT

My car was given an excellence performance with fuel saver

I would like to say thank you to Mr. Soo on this. Now, my car was given an excellence performance with fuel saver. There was an obvious imrprovement on my car engine with less vibration (whenever air-con was turned on), less noise and very smooth handling. In term of RM saving, my car was able to record RM0.19/KM with fuel saver compared to origin was at RM0.21/KM. This is about 10% saving.

Mr. Chua from Butterworth, PG - Used Y2004 Proton Wira 1.5MT

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